Chantilly Automotive is a small family owned and operated business with a passion for cars and community.  Established in 1998, we have been serving those in the Dulles South Community who share our passion for automobiles; be they classic cars, family vans, fleet vehicles, or custom designs.  Whether we are searching for special parts for the classic/custom, or completing the full vehicle inspection on the family van, what's number one in our minds is your safety.  We offer a wide range of services designed to ensure optimal performance at a great price! We provide a full vehicle record, notes and reminders to keep you on schedule. These items aid in identifying potential concerns before they become major issues.  No one wants to be surprised with a major automotive repair and we do our best to ensure this does not happen to you!

 Community is also very important, you will find us out and about supporting local events and are members of the Local Chamber of commerce.  When we see you around the neighborhood we want you to smile and say Hi!  Give us a try, we are certain that you will be glad that you did!